Cindy Loughridge, Lifestyle Photographer

with Cindy Loughridge
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Cindy Loughridge, Lifestyle Photographer
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How does an aspiring photographer transition from a 9-to-5 to doing what they love full time? Cindy Loughridge is an inspiring example. Finding communities online were crucial to her development as photographer—and getting her lucky break. Learn how she capitalized on the treasure trove of information available through Flickr and Instagram, and how the support of other photographers there led her to film. We also join Cindy and her Flickr friends on a photo walk through the streets (and on the beaches) of San Francisco.



- [Voiceover] I feel like I can always do better. So that's why I practice a lot and I shoot a lot. I had a 9-to-5 job, and the minute I got home I would go on Flickr or I would shoot, if there was enough available light left, and that's how it all started. If someone wanted to do a photo walk, people would respond and meet up. Only one person has to pull out something different, and we all want to do it. Film is so beautiful.

With digital, you're slapping on all these different presets and actions to look like film. We always have a camera on us, all of us. With traditional photography there's so much to learn. My hustle is just shooting every day, and try and improve my game.

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