Wedding Photography for Everyone: Bridal Portraits

with Chris Orwig
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Wedding Photography for Everyone: Bridal Portraits
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Learn to capture the personality of a bride and the energy and emotion of the moment during a wedding photography session. In this course, photographer, teacher, and author Chris Orwig shares his creative insights for shooting authentic and beautiful bridal portraits. The course begins with details on preparation: talking with the bride about her desires for the portrait, and scouting the location to find the best places to shoot. Next, Chris photographs a bride, illustrating techniques for lighting and employing props to help relax the subject and add fun and energy to the photograph. The course concludes with a review of the photos and some ideas for further inspiration.

Topics include:
  • Crafting a vision with the bride
  • Choosing gear
  • Scouting the location
  • Photographing details
  • Working with window light and open shade
  • Refining the subject's poses, posture, and poise
  • Knowing when to make eye contact
  • Reviewing images from the shoot


- Welcome, my name is Chris Orwig. I'm a photographer, author, and teacher, and welcome to this course, Wedding Photography for Everyone: Bridal Portraiture. In this course, we're gonna focus in on how we can capture beautiful, artistic, and stunning portraits of a bride using natural and available light, and we'll do this by starting off by talking about some of the things we want to consider when planning ahead for a shoot. Next we're gonna go on location to the Santa Barbara History Museum, and there we'll do a live shoot, and throughout that live shoot we'll encounter different scenarios which will help us learn a few things that we can then integrate into our own workflow.

For example, we'll talk about light and how we can use different types of natural and available light in order to craft or create different types of photographs. And we'll also talk about how we can work with a location. For example, we'll look at how we can photograph a bride in front of an old wall or perhaps in front of an old fountain. And we'll look at how we can integrate props into our workflow in order to add personality and fun, whether the prop is something that the bride can hold or perhaps it's something they can stand in front of like an old vintage truck. And we'll explore how we can create different types of photographs, whether those are quirky and fun or elegant, simple, and strong.

You know, the goal for this course is that it will help you to become a better wedding photographer, which in turn gives us the opportunity to become better photographers in general, because bridal portraiture, it's all about seizing those opportunities in order to craft and create compelling portraits. Well thanks for joining me in this course. Let's begin.

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