Photo Assignment: Group Shots

with Derrick Story
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Photo Assignment: Group Shots
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In this installment of the popular Photo Assignment series, professional photographer Derrick Story demonstrates the art of shooting timeless group shots. Derrick provides suggestions for appropriate lighting gear and shares advice for capturing subjects at their best, both indoors and out. After viewing the tutorials, join Derrick and the community in the course's companion Flickr group—a venue for members to submit their group shot samples for discussion and review.

Group Shots Photo Assignment Flickr Discussion Group

Topics include:
  • Modifying a camera's flash for effective lighting
  • Understanding how to use a flash bracket
  • Using a light stand for large groups
  • Positioning subjects for an effective composition
  • Capturing couples shots
  • Reviewing photos from the shoot


- I'm Derrick Story, and welcome to Photo Assignment: Group Shots. This is a situation we find ourself in all the time, where we have a group of people, they want a photograph, and you're the person that's going to take it. So why not get the best shot possible? I'm gonna show you how to use flashes and modifiers, so that technically, the shot looks good. I'm also gonna show you how to position the subjects of your shot so that you have a nice composition. Also, we have a Flickr public group set up so that when you practice your shots, you can share them with other people, and you can see the work that other folks are doing also.

I'm really looking forward to showing you some of the things that I've learned over the years in this Photo Assignment: Group Shots.

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