The Elements of Effective Photographs

with Natalie Fobes
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The Elements of Effective Photographs
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In this course, Pulitzer-nominated photographer Natalie Fobes takes viewers into the studio and on location to explore the many elements that combine to make an effective photo.

The course explores compositional elements that guide a viewer's eye, including the rule of thirds; leading lines, patterns, and curves; and depth of field. Natalie then details the roles of color and light in a photo. She shows how to work with the natural light in a room or outdoor location, and how to enhance it using reflectors, newspapers, a T-shirt, or whatever might be handy. She also shows some simple indoor lighting setups that can replicate the look of natural light.

The course continues with a look at movement and how a photographer can convey a sense of motion by blurring part of the image or freezing a fast-moving subject. Next, Natalie explores the concepts of peak action and the decisive moment—those split seconds that capture the essence or emotion of a subject or scene. The course wraps up with a discussion of the roles of planning and research in creating effective photos.



- Hi, I'm Natalie Fobes, and welcome to the Elements of Effective Photographs. You've probably shot some photographs that really stand out and others that just didn't quite work. You may have wondered why? In this course, we'll explore the essentials of composition, including the rule of thirds, leading lines, depth of field, and the use of foreground, middle ground, and background. We'll kick off our study of color by reviewing the color temperature of different light sources and then learn how to adjust white balance in the camera.

There's no better way to learn about lighting then in the studio with a model and we'll do just that using both one and two light set-ups. We'll study motion and pick action and show how to freeze, blur and pan to add impact. We'll explore the decisive moment and discuss how to recognize these images that sum up the action or event. We'll also get our RAW images off the camera to create and correct color, light and motion.

So, get your camera ready and let's get started exploring the Elements of Effective Photographs.

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