Shooting a Soccer Action Photo

with Kevin Steele
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Shooting a Soccer Action Photo
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Soccer is one of the most popular international sports. Events like the World Cup keep every country glued to their screens. But how do you properly capture the fasting-moving action of soccer in still images? In this course, award-winning photographer Kevin Steele shares insights on documenting the intensity of soccer action. Operating as if he were on a commercial assignment, Kevin takes you on set and behind the scenes. He'll show how to scout a location, coordinate the athletes, plan your gear, work with both natural light and studio strobes, and make shooting decisions on the spur of the moment. Plus, after the shoot is over, he takes you back to the computer to show how to evaluate and enhance the best shots with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.



(energetic music) Hi, my name is Kevin Steele. I'm a commercial photographer, and this is a course on active lifestyle and athletic portraiture. What we're going to be shooting today is, let's suppose this is an assignment for a magazine, or perhaps commercial advertising, and we're shooting soccer players, really getting the peak moment of action and the emotion out of these players, that iconic image that really shows everything that is passionate about the sport of soccer.

We're gonna be shooting in a few different styles. We'll work with available light and reflectors, and overhead diffusions. And then we'll also bring in some studio strobes, and I'll talk through all of the aspects, pros and cons of each style. But first we need to figure out where we're gonna be shooting, and what we're gonna set up as our location. So let's take a look at our locations now, and see what we've got.

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