Tony Cruz's iPhone Surf Photography: Start to Finish

with Tony Cruz
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Tony Cruz's iPhone Surf Photography: Start to Finish
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Paddle into the Pacific with surfer and iPhone photographer Tony Cruz, whose portraits of the California coast, both gritty and sublime, have attracted a following on Instagram. Tony uses a LifeProof case, a leash, a discriminating eye, and a lot of ingenuity to capture real moments unnoticed. Once on land, he edits them under a self-imposed time limit to maximize their impact. Join him as he describes his editing process, using tools like Snapseed, Blender, and Mextures; explains how the Instagram community has motivated his work; and shares how he makes creative use of his mistakes.



(ethereal music) - Where it originally started was being in the water, and seeing this perspective that not everybody sees, and having my phone available to capture that, it's an exciting feeling. (ethereal music) Once I've selected the image that I like, what I tend to do is bring it in the Snapseed. With that I will experiment with other apps. So as I'm masking through and looking for a specific look, I am making decisions on the fly.

I try to stay consistent with the look that I have. It is a process, and I think that means more, because I'm gonna put effort into it. (ethereal music)

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