Douglas Kirkland on Photography: A Conversation with Gerd Ludwig

with Douglas Kirkland
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Douglas Kirkland on Photography: A Conversation with Gerd Ludwig
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In this installment of Douglas Kirkland On Photography, Douglas Kirkland talks with his friend and colleague, Gerd Ludwig. A photojournalist best known for his work in National Geographic magazine, Gerd Ludwig has taken a special interest in Russia and the former Soviet Union—in particular, the people and stories surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

As the installment begins, Gerd is packing for this third major trip to Chernobyl. Gerd shares his techniques for choosing and packing gear for a photojournalism expedition.

Next, Douglas and Gerd sit down for a wide-ranging conversation. They discuss the changing business landscape of photography and Gerd’s approach to photojournalism. Gerd also describes how and why he works in Chernobyl and details how he financed his latest trip through the crowdfunding site

After Gerd returns from Chernobyl, he and Douglas meet again to review some of the photographs and video that Gerd shot during his latest trip. They talk about Chernobyl today, about how video is impacting photojournalism, and about the future of Gerd’s "Long Shadow of Chernobyl" project.


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(upbeat music) (camera shutter clicking) - Today we have a very special segment talking about my friend Gerd Ludwig, the National Geographic photographer. Gerd, how are ya? - Very good to see you again, it's been a while huh? This is the previous story in Chernobyl. - [Douglas] Oh, Chernobyl. - [Gerd] Yeah. - [Douglas] Okay, this is where you're going tomorrow. Literally. (camera shutter clicking) - This is my carry-on. One camera, the most important lenses, and then I'm taking the 75 to 300 zoom.

(camera shutter clicking) - (mumbles) Gerd, as to I repeat to myself, always deliver. - [Gerd] Yeah. - You go through a lot. - Whenever I go into the job, "oh, peace of cake", chances are that you don't give your best. That fear really produces the energy. (camera shutter clicking) For the first time, I wanted to try to show in a video what it feels like to be in there. I did take this little camera, the GoPro camera.

- How did you use this? - You can set it ahead of time, and I put it on my helmet, it strapped it onto my helmet, and I had it instead of a headlamp basically, I had this video camera. - Your first job is to get great stills of course because you want stills, this is a supplement, and this is something you probably would never have realized five years ago. This is the new Gerd Ludwig. - [Gerd] Exactly. - This is new photojournalism. - It's the new work of a photojournalist or a documentary photographer.

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