The Creative Spark: Brian Taylor, Handmade Photography

with Brian Taylor
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The Creative Spark: Brian Taylor, Handmade Photography
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Gum printing and Photoshop. Light sensitive materials exposed by sunlight, negatives created with an Epson printer. Meet Brian Taylor, a photographer who combines the love of 19th and 21st century processes to create striking images, each a unique masterpiece with a handmade quality.

In this installment of The Creative Spark, Brian talks about why he uses historical processes and shows how he combines them with Photoshop and other modern imaging tools. We follow Brian as he creates a digital negative, exposes a print, and then adds additional layers to create a final image.



(gentle flitting music) - These alternative processes that I'm drawn to originated in the 19th century. Oddly enough, in the 21st century filled with digital photography, digital everything, there's this resurgence of interest in these 19th-century processes. (gentle flitting music) We photographers are lucky enough to be able to mix new technology with this old 19th-century technology. (gentle ambient music) These are still very much hand-made photographs, where the artist touches the process with their hand.

Each one of these is gonna be one of a kind, because I'll never quite brush this onto the next sheet in quite the same way. (gentle ambient music) A photograph is not a sacred object. You can fold it, stitch it, tear it, burn it, paint on it, put it into handmade books. The journey of my art over these last 30 or 40 years has been what every artist hopes for: to say what it is they have to say, as clearly and as poetically and beautifully as possible.

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