The Traveling Photographer: Hong Kong

with David Hobby
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The Traveling Photographer: Hong Kong
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Hong Kong is a brilliant, chaotic mix of the exotic and the accessible—and the perfect introduction to exploring and photographing Southeast Asia. In this course, traveling photographer and founder David Hobby takes us there. He'll dispel any fears you might have about traveling abroad, stoke some anticipation, and send photo enthusiasts out, armed with new, solid info and a pocket list of can't-miss photos. Learn how to spend your time efficiently and not miss any of the best photo experiences Hong Kong has to offer.

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Welcome to Hong Kong

- Over seven million people living in just 426 square miles make this one of the most densely populated places on the planet. It is loud, it's crowded, it's vertical and it is vibrant 247, 365. The first time you land here expect to be disoriented. You've probably been on a plane for over 16 hours making this one of the longest plane rides in the world if you come from the United States. But it is so worth it. My name is David Hobby. I'm your host for the Traveling Photographer.

Welcome to Hong Kong. A colony of the British empire since the Opium Wars of the mid 1800s, Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997. The net result of this history has been a mash-up of Eastern and Western cultures like no other place on Earth. It's one of two special administrative regions of China, famously operating under the one country two systems rule. Its natural deep water port makes it ideal for the international shipping hub it has become. The name Hong Kong itself translates to fragrant harbor.

Hong Kong should be on any traveler's short list for world class cities to visit, especially those travelers who enjoy photography. The pure density of culture and tradition on display here is breathtaking. And few cities do nighttime as vibrantly as does Hong Kong. In fact there's so much artificial light here that you really don't need to bring a flash at all. As you'll soon see, the more minimal your photo gear bag the better. This is our first destination episode and we are very pleased to be here. If you have not yet seen the Traveling Photographer: Fundamentals section you should stop and watch that first because we're gonna hit the ground running.

Welcome to Hong Kong.

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