Travel Photography: Portrait of a City Neighborhood

with Mikkel Aaland
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Travel Photography: Portrait of a City Neighborhood
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When you're traveling, you sometimes want to spend a day or two exploring the neighborhood where you're staying—just walking around with your camera, absorbing the neighborhood's personality, and assembling a collection of photos that, together, form a portrait of the neighborhood. These photos are a great way to bring your experiences home to share.

In this course, photographer and teacher Mikkel Aaland explores one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods of San Francisco: North Beach, home to iconic architecture, beautiful vistas, delicious food, and more than a few interesting people. He explores the area on foot over a three-day period, taking you up hills, inside restaurants and shops, and into encounters with people on the street. Along the way, learn how to take advantage of natural light, shoot a city at night, pack and prep for travel shoots, and enhance your images in post-production.


Introduction to the city trip

- [Voiceover] Travel photography is a great way to see the world. And it's a great way to take what you've experienced, what you've seen and bring it home and share it. We're going to focus on a city this time. A big city, San Francisco. Bustling, big, overwhelming. But we're going to take that city, and we're going to break it into one of its neighborhoods, North Beach. And by doing that, we're going to make it more manageable. And we're going to break that neighborhood down into people, places and food. Through the microcosm, bringing it down to its smaller parts, we're going to paint this bigger portrait.

We're going to do this on foot. We've got three days. We're going to go from morning to night. You're going to see me going through alleys and up hills and into restaurants and into shops. So we're going to be shooting those iconic shots. The kind you see in the postcards and in the travel guides, the travel books. But we're going to do a lot more than that. We're going to also go in, and we're going to apply a kind of personal artistic vision to your shooting. These pictures are going to be much more interesting that way. So get on your comfortable shoes and lets get going.

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