Travel Photography: Mountains and Snow Landscapes

with Ben Long
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Travel Photography: Mountains and Snow Landscapes
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Snow-covered landscapes introduce a variety of photographic opportunities and challenges. A blanket of brilliant white can do beautiful things with light, but it also complicates exposure. Crystal-blue winter skies are dramatic, but shooting in the cold can be cumbersome and hard on your gear.

In this course, photographer, author, and educator Ben Long takes a trip to Lake Tahoe to explore winter shooting at various times of the day. He also shows techniques for post-processing winter scenes to make them look their best.


Intro to winter landscapes

(lighthearted guitar music) - [Voiceover] I hate being cold. I just hate it. It's why I've spent so much time in the desert shooting. It's why I don't actually have a big portfolio of winter landscape images. On the one hand it is very deserty, the snow does simplify things and that's great but it's the forest part that gets me. Every time I've ever tried to shoot in a forest I've been totally flummoxed by it. So, between the fact that my feet would be cold and I'd be having trouble finding good shots, I've just avoided winter landscapes.

But, I need to grow as a photographer. So I've decided to jump off the deep end and right into Lake Tahoe. I've taken a trip to Lake Tahoe in February, expecting to find a serious winter landscape where I can take some serious photographic challenge. I'm going to be facing compositional challenges, extreme exposure challenges and all of that on top of just the difficulties of the practicalities of shooting in an environment like this. Weather, cold gear, cold hands, all of that stuff that has kept me away from winter landscape shooting in the past.

So, I hope you're sitting somewhere warm, because if you are you can join me as I come to Lake Tahoe and explore winter landscape.

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