Travel Photography: The Family Cabin

with Ben Long
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Travel Photography: The Family Cabin
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Do you and your family have a favorite travel destination that you've always gone to for rest and relaxation? Or did you grow up with fond memories of family getaways like these? Maybe you're starting the tradition with your own kids. These places become touchstones in our lives, filled with memories and impressions that grow and change as the years go by.

There are several layers to photographing trips to memorable destinations: you want to capture accurate depictions of the place and its surroundings, but you also want your photos to convey the notions of tradition and the passing of time. In this course, author and photographer Ben Long visits his family's New Mexico cabin. He shows how to create photos that not only capture the essence of the place and its surroundings, but also convey its significance as the backdrop for shared family experiences and traditions. Along the way, he shows how to recreate old photos to capture what has changed, shoot details that haven't been documented before, and explore the surrounding area, to capture the full essence of the place.



(gentle music) - Hi, I'm Ben Long and I'm very happy to say that I'm sitting here at my parents' cabin in northern New Mexico. I've spent the last couple of days motorcycling here through awful winds and freezing cold and as you might imagine, this is a pretty great place to end up. It's been a great place for me and my family to end up for about 30 years now.

My parents bought this when I was a kid and this is kind of the place we've always come. I've come here this time, and they have met me here, because I want to try to create a photographic record of it, and I want to try and really document the place and create something for myself that will help me preserve memories that I have. Help me find memories that maybe I've forgotten and learn some things that maybe I never knew about. To do that I'm gonna try a few different things. My parents have brought some photos. We're gonna look through them and see if we can find some old pictures that we can recreate to see what might have changed in the intervening years.

I'm gonna spend some time shooting the details of the place. Details that I'm incredibly familiar with but maybe have never bothered to actually document before. We're gonna explore the surrounding area because as much as this particular building has a lot of meaning for me, so do the mountains and trails and canyons and sights around here. The places that we went to a lot. So if you have a family getaway that you've spent a lot of time at throughout your life I'm hoping this course will help you develop a process of creating a photographic archive that will help you preserve the memories you have, maybe explore those memories a little deeper, find some memories you had forgotten about, and learn some of the memories that some of the other people have who have shared this space with you.

So come with me now as we explore The Family Cabin.

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