Shooting with Wireless Flash: Product Shots

with Jim Sugar
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Shooting with Wireless Flash: Product Shots
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In the Shooting with Wireless Flash series, award-winning photographer Jim Sugar demonstrates his approach to using off-camera flash in a variety of lighting scenarios, sharing practical tips along the way.

In this installment, Jim sets up and shoots a product shot. He demonstrates a variety of inexpensive lighting tools—clamps, gels, and other light modifiers—to light a product (in this course, a bicycle) in a way that accurately shows its color and other details. Next, he photographs the product using Adobe Lightroom's tethered shooting mode in order to be able to immediately assess his exposures on the computer screen. The course wraps up with a some tips that apply to product shots of all kinds. With its focus on lighting technique rather than specific strobe models and menu commands, these techniques are applicable to any brand of strobe and camera.

Topics include:
  • Topics include:
  • Preparing for a shoot
  • Positioning the product and wireless strobes
  • Using light modifiers, clamps, and other lighting accessories
  • Shooting in tethered mode
  • Assessing the results
  • Tips to remember for product shots


- Hi, I'm photographer Jim Sugar. Thanks for joining me in this look at wireless flash in action. I've been a working photographer for many years and I've seen photographic technology evolve in a lot of different ways. For me, one of the most significant developments deals with lighting. Shooting with artificial lights used to mean carrying a lot of bulky gear and dealing with cumbersome wires but not anymore. Today you can use inexpensive, compact strobe units like this one, which communicate wirelessly with a digital SR camera.

These wireless strobes, along with a variety of accessories, make it easier than ever to get great results in a lot of different shooting scenarios. That's what this series is all about. In each installment, I'm going to use a handful of wireless strobes and some lighting accessories to show you how I approach a particular kind of photograph. I'll describe the planning and the decisions that go into a shoot and I'll share some lighting and shooting tips along the way.

Now I'll be using Nikon cameras and strobes in this series but the techniques I'll be employing apply to any brand of gear. In fact, I'm deliberately not going to describe specific buttons and menu commands. This series isn't about specific models and menus. It's about the art and the craft of lighting. My goal is to share my approach so that you can apply this information to your gear and your subjects.

In this installment, our goal is to shoot a photo that makes a product look its very best so let's get started and see how that happens.

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