Shooting a Time-Lapse Movie with the Camera in Motion

with Richard Harrington and Keith Kiska
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Shooting a Time-Lapse Movie with the Camera in Motion
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What can make a time-lapse video even more dramatic? Camera moves. By moving the camera between each exposure, you can include an additional element of dynamism to a time-lapse video.

In this course, author Rich Harrington is joined by time-lapse video expert Keith Kiska. Together, they explore the hardware, software, and creative decisions involved in creating moving time lapses, while on location in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rich and Keith detail the types of motion that you can add to a time-lapse video, from basic movement of the camera to left-to-right, sliding, and two- or three-axis movements with high-end, motorized rigs. They also demonstrate hardware add-ons in a variety of price ranges, and show the post-production techniques that yield the highest quality.

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Topics include:
  • The benefits and challenges of motion in time lapse
  • Determining available light
  • Selecting a camera, memory card, battery, and other gear
  • Panning the head
  • Using a slider
  • Adding motion in post
  • Adding three-axis motion
  • Designing and shooting a hyperlapse shot
  • Advanced post-production techniques
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(xylophone music) - Hi, my name's Rich Harrington. - And I'm Keith Kiska. - And welcome. We're going to be exploring putting the camera into motion with time-lapse. And you might remember Keith. He joined us for our Time-Lapse Essentials class. Keith, good to have you back. - Thanks, great to be here. - And we're going to be exploring all sorts of techniques over today and tomorrow while we're shooting. We're going to be putting the camera into motion while shooting time-lapse. Now, at the basic level, this could be as simple as pushing and moving the camera, but, Keith, you have a lot of experience with advanced motorized rigs.

Describe what those are like. - [Keith] Well, advanced motorized rigs really add another level of motion to it, so you can go left to right, and slide, and add a full two-axis movement to the top of the head, too, so it can add a lot more movement. - And this is producing some of the really high-end, professional-style time-lapse shots that you see when you're checking them out on websites, or in professional commercials. And Keith, you actually do a lot of this work professionally. You get hired by clients to produce top-notch time-lapses. - Absolutely. A lot of the times we shoot hotels, exteriors, sunsets, and a lot of nature stuff, too, so it's very exciting.

- So, we are actually going to be shooting both that. We are here in downtown Las Vegas. We're going to be doing some shooting here on the Las Vegas strip, and then we're also gonna head out into the desert. So, you'll see some examples of both nature and mankind all in one title. We've got a lot of great stuff to look at, so I'd like to thank you guys for joining us, and welcome to the course.

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