Recovering Photos from Memory Cards

with Derrick Story
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Recovering Photos from Memory Cards
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It's true about hard drives and it's true about memory cards: if you haven't experienced the pain of data loss, you will. You might accidentally delete a shot using your camera's controls. Your memory card might fail—or you might drop it in a puddle.

When bad things happen, this course can help. Photographer and author Derrick Story details a variety of disaster scenarios and provides practical advice for surviving them. Learn how to recover accidentally deleted photos, retrieve photos from a memory card that's generating errors, and work with cards that have been physically damaged.

Derrick demonstrates a variety of photo-recovering software for the Macintosh and Windows PC, and concludes with advice on keeping your memory cards—and the photos and video they contain—healthy. The techniques in this course apply to SD, microSD, and CF cards, as well as memory sticks.

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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Derrick Story, professional photographer, writer, publisher of The Digital Story, and curator of The Nimble Photographer. Welcome to Recovering Photos from Memory Cards. In this course, I'll identify the most common problems we face with our camera's removable storage and discuss how to address these challenges. I'll focus on using recovery software that works on both Mac and Windows computers, dealing with immersed and broken cards, explaining the difference between erasing and formatting, providing tips for selecting and maintaining removable storage, and sharing a few of the helpful secrets that I've learned over the years.

The recovery techniques in this course apply to SD, Micro SD, CF cards, and even memory sticks. So please join me for Recovering Photos from Memory Cards and let's build our image recovery strategy right now.

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