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Photography 101: Shooting Macros and Close-Ups
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A great way to expand your photographic horizons is to get close—very close. With macro and close-up photography, you can discover new details in everyday objects and capture subjects that most people don't normally get to see.

In this course, photographer and educator Joseph Linaschke provides an introduction to the worlds of macro and close-up photography. After an overview of the gear you'll want for macro work, the course explores some subjects you may want to capture, from flowers to bugs, to pets. The course also explores tools and techniques for shooting macros and close-ups using an iPhone.

Topics include:
  • Shooting close-up shots of flowers and pets
  • Exploring textures as subjects
  • Shooting indoors, in a miniature studio
  • Shooting macros with the iPhone
  • Using high-speed sync to get light in a macro shot

Intro to macro and close up

- Welcome to Photo 101, Macro and Close-Up Photography. I'm Joseph Linaschke, aka Photo Joseph. Have you ever looked at some incredible macro or close-up photography and wondered, "How do they do that?" In this course, we're going to scratch the surface on just what is possible in macro and close-up photography. We're going to be exploring all kinds of things starting with simple textures in our own back yard. And you'll see just how many cool things there are when you get down close and just start looking for them. We'll talk about positioning flowers and lighting them, and we'll even look at how to light and photograph glass.

It's actually incredibly easy to get beautiful photographs of shiny, reflective objects. We'll look at bringing the outside in for those times when you want to photograph something that you find in nature, but don't want to have to deal with the wind and the sun, and everything else that lives outdoors. You can build a set indoors and bring things like beetles and bugs in to your set to photograph them the way that you want to. We'll talk about how to get up close to your favorite furry friend and come out with beautiful photos. We'll even look at the iPhone to see just how much it can do in a world of close-up photography.

So, if you want to change your perspective of the world around you, join me as we explore Macro and Close-up Photography.

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