Photographing a Waterfall

with Justin Reznick
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Photographing a Waterfall
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Waterfalls combine many of the challenges associated with nature photography: remote locations, fast-moving objects, and tricky lighting scenarios. In this course, landscape photographer Justin Reznick takes you through field and stream and shows how to capture the dynamic texture of water, whether it's a silky smooth brook or the cotton-candy clouds at the end of a waterfall. He'll cover the clothes to wear and the equipment you should pack for a watery shoot, as well as important composition and exposure factors to consider before you shoot. Justin also shows how to enhance your images with Lightroom, Photoshop, and some of the plugins in the Nik Collection.


Introduction to shooting a waterfall

- Hi. My name is Justin Reznick. I'm a professional landscape photographer from the Pacific Northwest. Have you ever been on vacation and come across flowing water? A waterfall, a creek, a stream, any water that has that movement, and you said, "Gosh, I'd love to capture that." In a way to get that cotton candy look, that silky smooth look, and have that texture in water that you've seen in so many great images. Well, I'm here today to show you how to do that. We've got a beautiful forest ahead of us filled with creeks and waterfalls. And we're gonna find one and work on that technique.

What clothes we should be wearing, what equipment we should be using, and the techniques to use with our camera and our filters to achieve that vision. So let's head on out to the forest and see what we can do.

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