Narrative Portraiture: On Location in Texas with Keith Carter

with Chris Orwig
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Narrative Portraiture: On Location in Texas with Keith Carter
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In the Narrative Portraiture series, photographer and teacher Chris Orwig explores how to use location and natural light to create images that tell stories about their subjects and produce a strong emotional connection.

In this installment, Chris travels to Texas to visit with Keith Carter, a fine art photographer and teacher, and has a conversation with Keith about his work, outlook on art and photography, and suggestion that photographers commit at least two years to a personal project.

The course continues with a pair of portrait shoots. Keith photographs Chris and describes his process and creative decisions along the way. Then the cameras are swapped and Chris creates a portrait of Keith.

Finally, Chris reviews the photography he took, and discusses the gear he used and the lessons he learned while visiting with and photographing Keith.



- Hi I'm Chris Orwig. Welcome to this installment of Narrative Portraiture. The series where we focus in on the art and craft of creating portraits that are full of story, authenticity and depth. And here in this installment, we have this unique privilege of travelling to Texas and meeting up with Keith Carter. Keith Carter, he's a fine art photographer and a teacher. He's made a number of different coffee table books, and his photography, it's been shown in galleries throughout the world. And here, we have this privilege of visiting him in his home and studio. We're going to get a tour of his space.

We'll also sit down and have a conversation. We'll learn a little bit about his story, and about his approach to photography. And then, we're going to get out on location and make some photographs with a few different people. And, of course, we'll review those pictures. And you know the goal of this installment as well as the entire series is that it's a catalyst. It's a catalyst which provides you with new ideas, which somehow shape who you are, how you see, and the photographs that you make. Well, our adventure in Texas awaits.

Let's begin.

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