Lighting for Photographers: Portraiture

with Natalie Fobes
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Lighting for Photographers: Portraiture
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In this course, photographer and teacher Natalie Fobes introduces the techniques behind lighting for portraiture. The course begins with a look at the role of light in setting the mood of a portrait, and then looks at the essential gear photographers need for continuous-light portraiture. (Much of the course is also applicable to strobe lighting.)

Next, Natalie details a variety of common one-light and two-light lighting techniques, explaining exposure, metering considerations, and light modifiers along the way.

The course concludes with several lighting tips, including minimizing physical challenges and do-it-yourself lighting gear instructions.

Topics include:
  • Understanding lighting positions
  • Deconstructing photos to study lighting
  • Lighting a portrait for a Rembrandt pattern
  • Backlighting in portraits
  • Examining a four-light portrait scenario
  • Lighting for different skin tones


- Hi. I'm Natalie Fobes. In portrait photography your ability to control light is a critical tool for telling the story of your subject. Do you want a glamorous look? Do you want something edgy and abstract? Are you trying to emphasis or maybe minimize certain physical traits? When you understand portrait lighting, you can answer questions like these. In this course, I'll show you how. I'll start off with some basics of lighting and then take you into the studio where I'll demonstrate a variety of lighting techniques.

From simple one light setups to complex arrangements that use multiple lights. I'll show how to get different lighting styles from the classic Hollywood glamour to dramatic and exotic. Along the way, I'll demonstrate essential lighting concepts and show you the gear that I use, the lights, reflectors and soft boxes. Now I'll be using continues lights in this course but the basic lighting positions and concepts also apply if you're using strobes.

Knowing how to control light is a vital step in creating the message you want in your photograph. So let's turn on the lights and get started with Lighting For Photographer's Portraiture.

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