Lighting with Flash: On Location, from Close Up to Portrait

with David Hobby
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Lighting with Flash: On Location, from Close Up to Portrait
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In this installment of the Lighting with Flash series, photographer and Strobist publisher David Hobby visits a conservation center to photograph subjects small and large, demonstrating flash lighting techniques along the way. The course begins with a close-up shoot of a small frog—and with details on how to light close-ups and macros using a small softbox and a reflector made of crumpled aluminum foil. Next, David uses multiple strobes and umbrellas to transform a dark blacksmith shop into a warm backdrop for a portrait of a craftsman at work. In a bonus chapter, David discusses an approach for organizing photo meet-ups that have a purpose: leveraging the talents of multiple photographers to quickly create a set of photos for a worthy organization.

Topics include:
  • Uncluttering the background of close-up shots
  • Adding flash and refining exposure
  • Setting up lighting for a portrait
  • Organizing photo meet-ups that have a purpose

Setting the stage: Flash macro shoot

(music playing) So we're here today at the Howard County Conservancy, which is a very cool historic preservation site in Howard County, Maryland. And today, we're going to be shooting Sticky, who we think is a male. we're sure he's a great, great tree frog. We think he's a male. And this is actually kind of a neat little macro shoot. Because we're going to progress through some of the problems that you might encounter doing something like this. Go through available light, and then add some flash, and then make the flash better.

And then progress this into a full blown little mini studio right around Sticky who we're really kind of hoping is not going to move through this whole process. But, he's pretty chill. He's got his Jabba the Hut on today, and, let's see if we can get him to cooperate.

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