Douglas Kirkland on Photography: Storytelling through Photography

with Douglas Kirkland
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Douglas Kirkland on Photography: Storytelling through Photography
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"Everyone's camera can tell a story," says world-renowned photographer Douglas Kirkland. Follow along as he explores the process of shooting a series of photos that connect to tell a story.

The course begins with a sampling of some of Douglas's photojournalism work for magazines such as LOOK. Next, accompany Douglas as he and his camera tell the story of a restaurant and its team at work. The photo story begins at a farmers' market at dawn, as the chef chooses his ingredients, continues through the day's menu preparations, and concludes with dinner and dessert. Along the way, Douglas describes his creative process and shares insights gained from decades as a photojournalist.


Course highlights

(upbeat music) (camera clicking) - Good story telling begins is really thinking about the subject you're with. That's really the difference between taking pictures and really telling the story. What you have to have is a clear idea of what you're trying to say. And what is that? It's the story of why this place works. It works very well, and what are the elements that make it work, and who are the people that make it work. The wheels don't turn with them.

(camera clicking) I don't want to interfere or involve myself in taking my subject away from what he or she is doing. I want it all to occur in it's natural form. The most important part of any restaurant is of course ultimately the food. The food is the star. Okay, try putting the straw in it. Keep your hand there. Okay, that's right, yes, stay a second.

Okay. (camera clicking) Um hmm. (camera clicking) And of course it should be telling information. It's not just about making a pretty picture. Each picture should have a meaning to it, because the individual out in front of you, and what you're doing, that's what's important, and that's where your story is really going to come from.

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