The Art of Craft Photography

with Megan Andersen
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The Art of Craft Photography
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The ever-increasing popularity of handmade crafts has spawned thousands of blogs, forums, events, websites, and digital tools. With so much competition out there, the best way to catch a viewer's attention is with an incredible photograph of your incredible craft. In this one-of-a-kind workshop, professional craft blogger and photographer Megan Andersen, aka Radmegan, takes you step-by-step through the basics of craft photography, starting with how a camera and its settings work. She shares composition techniques to make craft photos more compelling, image-editing tips that don't require expensive software, and some great resources for getting craft images blogged about, printed, and seen by the masses. Along the way, learn a little crafting by making three different kinds of affordable at-home and mobile "photo studios." Whether you are taking photos of handmade crafts to sell, looking for tips on product photography, have a blog and want your images to get noticed, or just want to improve the quality of photos you plan on sharing with friends and family, this workshop can help you produce great images.

Topics include:
  • Getting familiar with the camera
  • Basic composition and staging tips
  • Making and buying helpful tools
  • Image editing with Photoshop
  • Compressing images
  • Using the cloud for image storage
  • Tagging images for search engine optimization
  • Uploading images for blogging, selling, and printing
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- Hi, I'm Megan Anderson Reed. I'm a professional craft blogger, instructor, photographer, and writer. I've been making arts and crafts for as long as I can remember, but when I started selling my hand-crafted goods online, in 2006, I quickly learned that a picture is worth way more than 1,000 words. As I started paying attention to, and improving the quality of the photos I took, I noticed an increase in my craft sales and blog followers. As my photographs got better and better, more and more people noticed.

Many crafters put the bulk of their time and skill into making their goods, but get rushed, or feel intimidated when it comes time to taking the product photos. Likewise, many crafters don't even take photos of their incredible works, even to share with others, or just to keep as personal records. Sometimes they think they need a super expensive camera to take quality photos, sometimes they finish their projects very late at night, and the low lighting conditions will prevent them from getting a decent shot. But with just a few tips and a little practice, anyone with a camera can make photos of their handiwork more compelling, memorable, and appealing to perspective buyers, and interested friends.

In these lessons, I'll take you step by step, through the basics of craft photography. You'll get familiar with how a camera works, and how to use a variety of camera settings, in different situations. We'll look at several ways to make a craft photo look more compelling, with great composition techniques, that you can try anywhere with any camera. Plus we'll do a little crafting ourselves, by making three kinds of affordable, at home, and mobile photo studios. I'll share some of my favorite must see image editing tips, that don't require expensive software.

And talk about some great resources for getting your craft images blogged about, printed, sold, and seen by the masses. Most of the images I use in these lessons are included in the project files, so you can follow along and practice the techniques that you'll learn. Whether you're taking photos of handmade crafts to sell, looking for tips on product photography, or just wanting to improve the quality and composition of photos that you plan on sharing with your friends and family. I hope that after these lessons, you'll be excited to try out and practice the techniques I've covered here.

I really enjoyed creating these video tutorials, and I hope that you find them interesting and informative, and most of all, fun.

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