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Quick fixes

Now let's look at the enhanced module, and I really like this module because sometimes a one-button fix is all I want to do. I don't want to a lot of time on tricking out little nuances of an image, I just want it to look better. I have opened up the Boston Harbour JPEG in my browse module, and I want to step inside the Enhance module. I can either click on Enhance, or in this case, I'll right-click and select Edit in Perfect Enhance. Once again, I'm going to choose to edit a copy because I never want to edit my original, and now we're inside the Enhance module.

Now what I like about this is I have two buttons that can work really well for me, and that's the Auto Levels button and the Auto Color button. Now I'm going to switch over from the Navigator view to a view called the Histogram. And this allows me to see how bright or how dark the image is. And you'll notice this will change as soon as I click on my Auto Level button. So, look at the picture, look at the histogram, and watch what happens with this one quick fix. Now it was subtle, but you'll notice that the picture has a little more contrast and a lot more punch.

Now, if I wanted to I could also do an Auto Color, and in this case it's fairly balanced, but it does change the color a little bit, and as a matter of fact, not a big fan of exactly what it did to the color. It actually made it a little too cool. I have a lot of choices I can work with. I can work with vibrance which, which is how saturated or desaturated the color is. I can also work with the contrast, and the brightness. And these are easy, I can just click on the button I want. I want it to be a warmer image.

So, I'm clicking on the plus towards the orange inside. Maybe I want a little more detail. I can go up and add a little more detail to the image, a little more contrast. Bring up the vibrance a little bit, and maybe I'll add a little bit of a vignette. And as you can see, I can very quickly modify the image and improve the way it looks. Now, I like the way the picture looks, though I think the water may be a little bit too yellow. So, I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to grab my temperature, and bring it back down a little bit.

Make it a little bit more blue. I really like the way the image looks. But, just to be sure, I want to see what it looked like before I started messing with it. And I can simply uncheck this Preview button at the bottom, and now I see the original image, and I see the enhanced image. I'm pretty happy with this. So I'm going to go ahead and click on SAVE & CLOSE. I jump back to my Browse module. I want you to see that if I step back one level, I have my original image, and I have the new image that was created.

Quick fixes
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Quick fixes provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Abba Shapiro as part of the Up and Running with Perfect Photo Suite 8

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