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show more Modifying effect presets provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Abba Shapiro as part of the Up and Running with Perfect Photo Suite 8 show less
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Modifying effect presets

Now we're going to revisit the Effects module and take it one step further. That is we're going to start with a preset but then we're going to modify it. Now once again, we're going to use the sailboat in the Boston Harbor, and this time instead of using that grunge filter, we're going to go ahead and use something called auto contrast. Now, I know what I want to use but I'm not sure where it is. Now this is really pretty cool, I can go to the search box and just start typing, in this case, auto, and there we go, we have a lot of color a lot of contrast, auto chrome.

All my autos are available to me and I'm going to go ahead and select Auto Contrast, and, immediately the image punches up. I want to see it side by side. So, instead of going down here and pressing this button a lot of times, I can use a couple of keyboard shortcuts that are very quick. If I want to show them side by side, I could use Command+L, and this gives me a nice side-by-side, but with this image they get a little bit small. So what I really want is a split screen, and option Command+L will give me that split screen so I can easily see the before and the after in one fell swoop.

Now if I want to go back to it full screen, Cmd+Y will bring us back to our original image. Now I like this but, I think the blacks are a little bit crushed and I want to tweak it a little bit. So, we're going to step back over here on the right side, and if we use our slider and go down to the bottom half of this, we see all the specific controls that I can tweak this image. So for instance, if I wanted to add a little more detail to the image, I have both a detail slider and a clarity slider.

Now you're wondering what's the difference between clarity and detail. Well detail are those very small edges. The very small details, it'll punch those up, and clarity are the larger blocks, the larger images, so you can play back and forth between detail and clarity to get it with the look that you want. And the other issue is, I think that these trees over here are a little bit too dark, and I can go down here and I can go ahead and bring up the shadows. And that's going to open up some of these dark areas, and if I needed to, I could actually make it brighter and then bring down some of my highlights or even compress the image a little bit more to make it a little more contrasting.

Now go ahead and play with these sliders until you get the image that you want, and if you need to pull it back a little bit, you can go to the top of this area, above the top stack, select layer opacity and blend this top layer with all my adjustments with the bottom layer so it's a little more subtle. Once you get it to the place that you like it, save and close, and you're done.

Modifying effect presets
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Modifying effect presets provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Abba Shapiro as part of the Up and Running with Perfect Photo Suite 8

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