Papervision3D 2 Essential Training

with Seb Lee-Delisle
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Papervision3D 2 Essential Training
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Papervision3D is an open-source ActionScript code library that enables Flash projects to render 3D objects in real time. In Papervision3D 2 Essential Training, author Seb Lee-Delisle shows how to add 3D content to the Flash stage, dynamically and without pre-rendering. This course demonstrates how to import 3D models from external applications such as Maya into Flash Builder, and then add lighting and surface detail using shaders, reflections, and bump maps from the Papervision library. The course also shows how to build an augmented reality scene that brings 3D objects into the real world with FLARToolkit. Exercise files accompany the course.

Users should have a basic knowledge of Flash Builder and Actionscript 3.

Topics include:
  • Creating 3D primitive shapes
  • Controlling rotation
  • Moving the camera in 3D space
  • Creating a particle field with depth-of-field blur
  • Importing models from external applications
  • Making a simple 3D game
  • Using ViewportLayers to selectively render and sort layers
  • Placing a custom 3D model into an augmented reality scene
  • Creating interactive carousals
  • Creating interactive grids
  • Working with particles and billboards
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Papervision 3D


- Hi there. I'm Seb Lee-Delisle. I'm really happy to welcome you to Papervision3D Essential Training. Papervision3D it's an open source ActionScript code library that can be used in your Flash projects to render 3Dobjects in real-time. With Papervision, you can have truly interactive and engaging 3D Flash content. We'll look at how you can import 3D models from apps like Maya. And then we'll add simple lighting and glossiness using shaders. Then we'll build a skybox complete with a star field, a nebula to take your models into outer space.

Making 3D games doesn't have to be rocket science. I'll show you how bolt on a third dimension to 2D games. And what project would be complete without shiny reflections. Finally, we'll make an augmented reality project with FLARToolKit. This will bring models out of the browser and into the space around you. Don't worry if you've never done any 3D before. If you have a basic understanding of Flash Builder and ActionScript 3, you'll have no problems with Papervision. And you'll be pleased to hear, I have several clever ways to avoid those tricky math problems.

As one of the Papervision developers, I'm really looking forward to sharing what we've learned plugging media to really get the most out of what is possible in Flash in 3D. So let's get started with Papervision3D Essential Training.

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