Painter X Essential Training

with John Derry
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Painter X Essential Training
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Expressive brushes. This is instructor John Derry's two-word answer as to why Painter is such an effective tool. When used with a Wacom tablet, Painter can elevate digital mark-making to a form of creative self-expression. Combining the aesthetics of traditional media with the freedom to experiment, Painter X Essential Training not only delves into each tool, palette, material, and brush, it also speaks to the artistic concepts of simplicity, stroke, proportion, and perspective. Exercise files accompany the course.

Download John's instructions for alphabetizing your brushes and his troubleshooting checklist for brushes from the Exercise Files tab."

Topics include:
  • Understanding and customizing a Wacom tablet Creating brushes Painting with compositional aids Working with layers Cloning and using effects Using Painter and Photoshop effectively


- Hey, hi there. I'm John Derry and I'm one of the original authors of Painter. And so, I guess that means I've been around the block a couple times in terms of moving pixels around. So, what we're going to do here is Painter Essentials 10. And we're going to be covering things like how to organize your brushes, understanding the interface, being able to use layers to paint for example. Or even using auto painting, which is a way you can just, basically take a photograph and have Painter apply it's smarts to it to make a finished painting for you.

So, we're going to do all that an more. And as you can see here we're going to be having a lot of fun as we go through this. So, I hope you'll join me and at the end of this, my hope is, that you're going to be really excited about Painter, as well as expressing yourself through this amazing mark making tool. So, come join me.

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