Rotating the canvas

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Rotating the canvas

Imagine you are sitting at a desk and you have got a sketchpad and pencil. You are going to begin to draw on that sketchpad. As you begin to draw you are not going to treat that sketch pad as if it's cemented down to the table. You are going to rotate and move that as you sketch, because you have got to accommodate your hand, wrist and arm motion, so that as you draw certain angles are going to far easier to accomplish with the sketch pad oriented the way that's most comfortable for your hand. And the same thing can be done in Painter.

There is actually a command and a tool called the Page Rotate tool that enables this to happen. Now it is actually on the Tool palette and I'm going to click and hold the grabber so that I can call this up. You will see there is actually this little Rotate tool and what happens is if I click and drag, I can actually rotate this page to any angle. Well that's great, but just like the Hand and Grabber tool I was showing you before, there is actually a way to do this without having to bother going in and locating and unearthing the Rotate tool itself and that is actually another cording action and let's put ourselves in the Brush too because this is most likely when you are going to encounter wanting to use this tool.

If I hold down the Spacebar as well as the Option or Alt key, you will see I get that same cursor and now without actually going to that tool I can go in here and quickly rotate to accommodate my hand and I'm going to show you why I would want to do that. Now I'm going to do this a little artificially, but imagine once again, if I have got my tab at right at front of me here, when I want to draw a horizontal line across the screen, I have got to somewhat tuck my elbow up to the side of the my body and then draw back and forth this way and it's a bit unnatural.

Now I'm going to go ahead and use the page Rotate tool and once again I'm holding down the Spacebar and the Option or Alt key and I can rotate this now so that this is a much better way for me to draw those lines and that's why this Page Rotate tool is so important. There are just many, many times you are going to find where it's very difficult to draw a particular angle. For example, I'm left handed and for me to draw kind of a circle sometimes this way is very difficult, but if I rotate the page around to an angle like this that's much easier for me to do and again what you are going here is you are accommodating your hand, wrist and arm, just so you are in the most comfortable position to accomplish that angle and artists use this all the time.

If you ever sit and try to sketch without ever rotating your sketch pad around you will find it's very difficult to be able to accomplish and have the same freedom to draw that you get when you do rotate the sketch pad around, and the same holds true here. Being able to rotate the page is a very key component of natural drawing and fortunately it's built into Painter with the Page Rotate tool, so take advantage of it.

Rotating the canvas
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Rotating the canvas provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by John Derry as part of the Painter 11 Essential Training

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