Digital Painting Fundamentals

with John Derry
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Digital Painting Fundamentals
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Never painted digitally before? You don't need a lot of special equipment to get started, just some creative ideas, a computer, and the right software. John Derry will help you learn the rest: mixing paint, working with layers and brushes, using color creatively, and sketching. He also covers uniquely digital techniques, such as dipping a paintbrush into a photograph or painting with cloning. Even if you've never picked up a conventional paintbrush, the techniques in this course will help you start creating your own unique works of art.

Topics include:
  • Customizing mouse behaviors
  • Using a pen tablet
  • Painting with Painter, Photoshop, or apps like Procreate 2
  • Working with brushes
  • Using layers as a compositional tool
  • Painting from life
  • Using a photograph as your paint
  • Clone painting
Painter Photoshop


- Hi, I'm John Derry and welcome to Digital Painting Fundamentals. Painting as a medium has existed for thousands of years. The earliest known paintings are found on cave walls in France and are estimated to be over 32,000 years old. Painting is a uniquely human activity that strives to manifest our ideas and emotions into a physical form that can be viewed by others. Simply put, painting is creative, personal expression.

Throughout its history, both the mark making tools and media of painting have evolved. From computing technology, digital painting has been introduced and is the focus of this course. Throughout the course, I'll be emphasizing digital painting's expressive capabilities. It is the artist's inner emotions that are at the heart and soul of any painting. We can be inspired, uplifted, enlightened, depressed, disgusted, bored with, and angered by an expressive content of a painting.

The point being, that it both transmits and arouses emotion in its viewers. This course can't teach you how to express your inner emotions, that's something each of us must do in our own way, and in our own time. However, learning about expressive tools like digital painting is one way to gain an insight into creative expression. If you finish this course with a desire to learn more then you may well be on your way to developing your own unique, expressive voice. Now, let's get started with Digital Painting Fundamentals.

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