Painter 11 Essential Training

with John Derry
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Painter 11 Essential Training
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In Painter 11 Essential Training, John Derry, one of the original Painter authors, demonstrates basic and advanced creative techniques that can get beginners up and running. He also shows old hands the new features that can get a creative vision out of the head and onto the canvas. John demonstrates how to establish an easy workflow in Painter by using a Wacom tablet, and he explains how to create, edit, and publish projects. Exercise files accompany the course.

Download the Painter/Photoshop Consistent Color Management PDF and the Brush Troubleshooting Checklist PDF from the Exercise Files tab.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the Painter 11 interface
  • Exploring Painter's brushes and painting styles
  • Creating and using templates
  • Working with layers and channels
  • Adding text to a canvas
  • Designing captions and text for photos
  • Integrating Painter projects with Photoshop
  • Creating animation sequences with Painter


(cheerful music) - Hi, I'm John Derry, and I'd like to welcome you to Painter 11 Essential Training. I'm here to get you familiar with Painter so you can use this program to express the creative artist in you. To start off, we'll take a detailed look at the interface. I'll show you how to use a walk-on tablet so you can see what an invaluable tool it is. We'll get into creating and importing images, exploring the expanse of brushes and painting styles Painter has to offer, plus layers, cloning, effects, and integrating your work with Photoshop.

Whether you're new to Painter or an old hand, I'm gonna show you all of the basics and the upgrades that have been put into this version of Painter to get your creative juices flowing. As one of the original authors of Painter, I'm happy to have this chance to show you how the program has grown. Now let's get started with Painter 11 Essential Training.

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