Paint Shop Pro X Essential Training

with David Rivers
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Paint Shop Pro X Essential Training
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Paint Shop Pro X Essential Training with David Rivers is a video based tutorial designed to help new and existing users learn the basics and new features of Paint Shop Pro X. The training begins with an overview of the Paint Shop Pro X interface, shows how to acquire and download images from scanners, or digital cameras, including RAW images, how to work with materials, such as colors, gradients, and patterns, and how to work with layers, selections, masks, and channels. It also shows you how to enhance and improve your digital photographs with tone and color correction techniques and noise reduction. You will learn how to simulate photographic effects, such as working with color filters, infrared black and white and depth of field. Plus, you'll learn how to work with Corel Photo Album 6 to organize and share your digital photographs. Exercise files accompany the training videos, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

PaintShop Pro

Exploring the interface

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