Setting up documents

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Setting up documents

Every document you create in Pages '09 comes with default document settings. Paper Size, Margins, Orientation and more are all built into the template that was used to create the document. Of course, any or all of these document settings can be changed at any time. Here's an example of a document that was created using a Page Layout template for Certificate. Let's examine some of its document settings using the Document Inspector. Click the Inspector button and make sure Document Inspector and the Document button are selected. Here you'll see the Page Size for this document, Margin information, whether or not Headers and Footers are being used. Footnotes & Endnotes don't apply to this type of document, so they're not usable. Other information appears down below; all of these can be changed at any time.

Click Page Setup to view additional information. For example, your default printer will appear on the Format for button. If you've got multiple printers, you can select a different one from here. Paper Size, in this case, US Letter is being used meaning 8.50 by 11.00 inches. But with the Orientation selected as Landscape, this becomes an 11.00 by 8.50 inch page size. If you're going to be using different paper sizes in your printer, then what's appearing on your screen, you can scale your document up or down to fit accordingly.

But let's click Cancel and let's close this document to examine another type of document. This one called Phoenix Mission is based on the Word Processing template and with Page Thumbnails turned on; you can see some multi-page document. Of course, our Document Inspector remains opened, so now we're dealing information about this document. The Page Size is 8.50 by 11.00, meaning a Portrait Orientation. Down below, different margins are being used. Headers and Footers are turned on and Footnotes & Endnotes are usable for this type of document.

Let's say we were going to print this document and bind it down the center, maybe using Staples or Three-Rings, for example. We might want to create some extra space on the inside of our pages. To do that, we can make a change in our Document Inspector. Click Facing Pages to turn left and right margins to Inside and Outside margins. This changes the way we view our document on screen as well as in the Page Thumbnails. Now to create that extra space, we can change the Inside margin.

We can bump that up using the Up Arrow or type the value in their cell in the Inside margin field. Changes occur on our screen as well as on the thumbnails in the Page Thumbnails pane, and when we close the Document Inspector, we need to save our document to save those changes. So although Pages '09 will assign default document settings that are dependent on the templates you choose, remember, you can always make changes to customize the document to your needs.

Setting up documents
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Setting up documents provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Rivers as part of the Pages '09 Essential Training

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