Reviewing the user interface

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Reviewing the user interface

If you are new to Pages '09, getting familiar with the various menus and toolbars will help you to maximize your efficiency when using the application. If you have experience with previous versions of Pages, you are going to notice some subtle improvements to the Pages '09 user interface. So let's take a brief tour now. We will begin with the Title bar. Here is where we find the name of document we are using, type of document, in this case a Pages document and the type of template that was used to create it, in this case a Page Layout template. Just above the Title bar is the Menu bar. Here we find menu headings such as File, Edit, Insert, all the way across to Help.

Click a menu heading to see related commands. Under the File menu we see file related commands, move to Edit to see editing commands. Commands that are not usable will appear dimmed, some commands will also appear with keyboard shortcuts to the right side. All other commands will appear with tiny arrows. This indicates a submenu such as the Find menu which contains find related commands on the submenu. You can press Escape to close a menu, click the menu heading again or just click anywhere in your document to close it up. Just below the Menu bar is the totally customizable toolbar, and it contains a default set of buttons which are shortcuts for some of the commands found in the menus.

Below that you can find the context- sensitive Format bar. The buttons on this bar change depending on the work you are doing in your document. For example if we click on an image in our document, notice the Format bar now provides us with a number of formatting commands for working with images. Click on a text box and it changes to provide text related commands. Now depending on the length and width of your document, you may or may not see Scroll bars. A vertical scroll bar will appear on the right side of your screen. If necessary, horizontal scroll bars will appear at the bottom. The Status bar at the bottom of the screen contains information about your document and provides access to related commands as well.

For example the current zoom level will appear, click the Zoom button to change the zoom level. You will also find the word count, click the Word Count button to get quick and easy access to the Document Inspector which will display information about your document. You will also see a page count. Click the Page Count which provides you with a field to jump to a specific page. For example type the number 3 and press Return on your keyboard to jump to page 3. The left side of your screen is reserved for viewing the Page Thumbnails pane or the Search pane. Now these can be turned on or off directly from the View button. They are totally adjustable, you can resize them using Resize control that appears at the bottom.

So you should be feeling comfortable now with the various parts of the Pages '09 user interface.

Reviewing the user interface
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Reviewing the user interface provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Rivers as part of the Pages '09 Essential Training

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