Outlook 2013 Power Shortcuts

with Gini Courter
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Outlook 2013 Power Shortcuts
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Get tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts that will increase your efficiency with Outlook 2013. Gini Courter shares over 120 power shortcuts to save time, increase productivity, and help you stay organized—whether you're sending emails or managing your task list. Start with the top 10, and power up from there. Learn techniques for quickly organizing the inbox, managing incoming messages, and replying to emails, and a few other cool tricks, like sending texts from Outlook! This course will also help you manage your appointments, share calendars, work with contacts, and integrate your tasks with the rest of Outlook.

Topics include:
  • Finding a contact in seconds flat
  • Reusing text with Quick Parts
  • Color-coding emails
  • Making use of favorites
  • Speed-reading email
  • Dealing with junk mail
  • Sharing your calendar via email
  • Including screenshots
  • Changing task start and due dates
  • Cloning appointments
  • Linking contacts
  • Setting up an out-of-office message


- [Voiceover] Welcome to Microsoft Outlook 2013 Power Shortcuts. My name's Gini Courter and I'm delighted to be your instructor for this course. I have over 120 different shortcuts, tips and tricks that I wanna show you that I use in my practice to make myself more efficient as an Outlook user. We'll look at the inbox in email, how to use the calendar in new and different ways, how to manage relationships with customers, vendors, and colleagues using contacts, and we'll also look at the overarching features like categories that help us improve our Outlook practice.

I have a lot of things to show you. Let's get started.

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