Outlook for Mac 2011 Power Shortcuts

with David Rivers
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Outlook for Mac 2011 Power Shortcuts
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Outlook for Mac 2011 Power Shortcuts turns Outlook for Mac users into power users, with time-saving tips and tricks to maximize efficiency and productivity. Author David Rivers shares his top 10 tips, a master list of little-known features such as text messaging and the ability to work offline in Outlook, and reveals shortcuts for organizing email and dealing with the inbox, working with the calendar and contacts, and customizing the Outlook interface.

Topics include:
  • Switching identities inside Outlook
  • Text messaging (SMS) from Outlook
  • Backing up Outlook data with Time Machine
  • Creating a rule to automatically reply to messages
  • Saving searches with Smart Folders
  • Automating junk email protection
  • Sending content without attachments
  • Setting up an Out of Office notification
  • Rescheduling appointments quickly and easily
  • Finding appointments fast
  • Adding photos to contacts
  • Getting address directions
Outlook for Mac


- [Voiceover] Hi and welcome to Outlook for Mac 2011 power shortcuts. I'm David Rivers. This course is specifically designed for those who are already familiar with Outlook for Mac 2011 and want to make the most of this powerful application that has been the leading email system on the market for sometime, yet is fairly new to the Mac. Let's take a peak at some of what we'll be covering in this course. We'll begin with a look at the top 10 tips you might not want to live without, that will allow you to work more efficiently and they'll definitely save you some time.

Then we'll shift our focus onto ways to organize your emails despite the large number of messages you might receive on a daily basis. Then it's on to some time saving techniques for handling messages, to save you time when creating, when sending and when dressing up emails that need to grab a reader's attention. After that we'll round out the course by examining some handy calendar shortcuts; we'll look at tips and tricks when working with contacts; we'll look at some shortcuts for saving you time and energy when handling tasks; and finally some options for customizing Outlook to look and feel the way you want it to.

So with all these topics to cover let's get started.

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