Outlook 2010 Power Shortcuts

with David Diskin
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Outlook 2010 Power Shortcuts
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In Outlook 2010 Power Shortcuts, author David Diskin shares an assortment of time-saving tips and tricks to maximize efficiency and productivity in Outlook 2010. The course covers tips for organizing and sending email, working with tasks, scheduling appointments, and maintaining contact lists. Also included are tutorials on email etiquette, Outlook customization, and much more. A quick reference guide to shortcut keys accompanies the course.

Topics include:
  • Navigating Outlook with keyboard shortcuts
  • Conducting a poll through email
  • Sending automated replies using rules
  • Managing junk mail
  • Utilizing search folders for repeating searches
  • Sharing a calendar via email
  • Creating multiple signatures
  • Mail merging contacts into Microsoft Word
  • Customizing Outlook's panes and the Quick Access Toolbar


- Hi I'm David Diskin, Certified Master of Microsoft Office and welcome to Microsoft Outlook 2010, power short cuts. This course is for users who already have some knowledge of Outlook and are ready to discover how to make the most out of this powerful program. Here's a glimpse of what I'll be covering in this course. First my top 10 tips, these are the tricks I can't live without, and are definitely going to save you some time. Then I'll demonstrate how to better organize your e-mail and keep your head above water despite all the e-mails we receive throughout the day. Next I'll give you a variety of ways to improve something we take for granted, writing e-mails.

I'm not just talking about hitting send, I'll show you how to conduct a poll via e-mail, set up multiple signatures, and make your e-mails look great to increase the readership. I'll round out the course by covering tasks, appointments, and miscellaneous tips, including keyboard shortcuts, the category feature, and a little schooling on how to follow proper netiquette when composing e-mails. So get comfortable and come with me as I show you over 100 power shortcuts in Outlook 2010.

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