Outlook 2010 New Features

with Karen Fredricks
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Outlook 2010 New Features
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In Outlook 2010 New Features, Karen Fredricks demonstrates the new and upgraded features in Outlook 2010. This course teaches how to create Quick Steps to automate commonly performed tasks, find email faster with enhanced search, and connect to social networking sites such as LinkedIn directly within Outlook.

Topics include:
  • Customizing the look and feel of the Ribbon in Outlook
  • Creating Quick Steps
  • Using the enhanced search functionality
  • Viewing multiple schedules
  • Reading email via threaded conversations
  • Using the new inbox clean-up tools


(rushing air) - Hi! My name is Karen Fredricks, and I use Outlook everyday. Outlook has grown in popularity since Microsoft released the earliest versions back in 1995, and now has an estimated 241 million users in the United States alone. This course assumes that you have been using a prior version of Outlook and just want a sneak peek at the new 2010 features, including Outlook's new look and feel with the addition of the Ribbon, the File tab which allows you to find and set all your preferences in one easy-to-find location, the new organizational features including Quick Steps and the Conversation view, the Outlook's social connector which displays information from social sites such as LinkedIn, and the Inbox Cleanup tool which helps you reduce the size of your Inbox and other Outlook components.

I am really excited about the Outlook 2010 New Features course on lynda.com. So let's get started.

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