Outlook 2007: Effective Email Management

with Gini Courter
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Outlook 2007: Effective Email Management
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In Outlook 2007: Effective Email Management, author Gini Courter demonstrates techniques to streamline the Outlook mailbox workflow. The course covers strategies for customizing views, adding filters, utilizing flags, and creating and organizing folders. The course shows how to automate tasks as well as make effective use of the Out of Office Assistant.

Topics include:
  • Viewing messages by conversation
  • Flagging messages
  • Understanding flags and the To Do list
  • Sorting and filtering email
  • Creating a search folder
  • Creating email rules
  • Using the Out of Office Assistant


- Welcome. I'm Gini Courter and this is Outlook 2007 Effective E-mail Management. Using a sample mailbox I'll demonstrate time saving features and techniques. As you watch each video, I invite you to apply these techniques to stream line work in your Outlook mailbox. In this course I'll show you how to change views in Outlook. We'll begin with the basics, sorting and adding columns, then move on to adding filters and saving views. I'll demonstrate how to set up Outlook to save time and make it easy to quickly review messages.

You'll see how to create folders then create rules to automatically move messages for easy retrieval and review. You'll see how to use the improved flags feature to manage tasks in your work day. Finally, I'll show you how to customize and use color categories to sort and filter messages, and create folders that search your entire inbox. I'm pleased to share these time saving Outlook features with you. So let's get going.

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