Searching a notebook

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Searching a notebook

As you can imagine over time, when you start building your notebooks, adding sections, adding pages and content, it could take some time for you to zero in on specific content if you need to go back and find it. Well, you should know that in OneNote 2010, there are some lightning-fast search capabilities built right in that we're going to take a look at right now, using our Office2 notebook. You can see I'm looking at the Recipes section here with my top page, the A-D page, currently selected. Right above the Page tab zone, you'll see we've got a Search field here for searching all notebooks.

That's the default. You've also got the Search icon, so you can open up the Search pane and this little drop-down to change your search scope. We're going to look at all of this, but we're going to start with a quick search, just by simply clicking in the field and starting to type what it is we're looking for. Let's type in the word lemon. You can see as we start to type lemon that our list gets narrowed down for us. It's going through all of the various notebooks. It's looking at Recent Picks. You're also going to see where the title contains lem.

You're also going to be able to find any pages where lem could be found as well, like Caesar Salad, for example. Let's just continue typing the entire word lemon. There we go! We'll go to our Baba Ghanoush recipe and you can see lemon is even highlighted here for us showing us exactly where our search criteria shows up on the page itself. So, that's just a quick search. And you can see how fast it was for us to find exactly what we're looking for. But we can also expand this. Look at the bottom of our search results here.

Open Note and Audio Search results pane. Alt+O is the keyboard shortcut. That opens up the Search pane where you can see we can narrow down what it is we're searching through. In this case, All Notebooks is the default, but you can narrow it down to just this notebook if you wanted to. You can also sort your results, sort by the date, but if you click the drop-down, you could sort by section and title as well. Also, another thing that happened with our current search in there, lemon, you can see the various pages are highlighted for us, the page tabs where lemon appears. So, we can quickly jump between the various recipes containing lemon.

It's highlighted in all of those pages as well. So, let's change it up a little bit here, where it says Search All Notebooks. We'll just click in there. Let's type in the word prosperity. I happen to know for a fact that this word does appear in one of our audio contents. So, we've got a speech in there for a budget where that is going to appear. And down below, we'll click Open Note and Audio Search Results. All it does is it changes here where we can click here to view matches.

Prosperity is the word. Look at this! We've got our Budget Speech. You can see when it was created. And you can see where the word prosperity shows up in that audio file, 9 seconds in. We can go directly to it just by clicking. (Male speaker: And this is of course for the Two Trees Olive Oil company?) So, it takes us right to that word in the speech and starts playing it for us. Really cool stuff! Now, you have to have that feature turned on, which does slow down search results a little bit. Let's check it out. We'll go to Backstage View by clicking File and we'll go down to Options.

Next, you're going to choose Audio & Video. Here's the little checkbox, Enable searching audio and video recordings for words. Just as you hover over this, you'll see a little message indicating that it will slow down your search performance a little bit, if it has to go searching through audio and video files. So, we'll leave that selected. Click Cancel to close this up. That's how you can find content in your notebooks, lightning fast here in OneNote 2010.

Searching a notebook
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Searching a notebook provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Rivers as part of the OneNote 2010 Essential Training

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