Locating newly added content with highlighting

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Locating newly added content with highlighting

When you're sharing a notebook with one or more other people, the changes that you make are updated and saved automatically in your notebook. So it's nice to be able to quickly see where those changes are occurring so you can review them without wasting a lot of time searching for them. To follow along, you're going to need to be sharing a notebook with someone who has made a change to your notebook. Now changes do appear automatically when you open up the notebook. First of all, you'll notice in my notebook called UserConference1, I have a number of sections some of which are bolded.

These sections and section tabs are bolded because changes have occurred to those sections in some way or another and I can quickly go there now to see what they are. Now with Weekly Meeting selected, I don't see any changes right here in front of me but if I look at that Page tabs, you will notice that one of them is bolded and that's where the change has occurred. So I can quickly go directly to that page and the changes that I see here in just the title actually is highlighted because that's what's been added. So someone's just added this brand new note to the November meetings.

And I will be able to quickly locate that thanks to the bolding. Now if I go to the To Do List tab, because it's also bolded, notice what happens here. Weekly Meetings is no longer bolded because I've seen that content. In this case, there is a few pages only the Catering page is bolded. You can see all of that content is also highlighted. Another way of course to get around to the various pages that have changed is to go up to the Share tab on the Ribbon, and you'll notice in the Unread group we've got a button for going from Unread content to the next, using the Next Unread button. I'll automatically go to the Speakers section. You can see I am in the list of Speakers page here viewing content that is highlighted, because it's either new or it has changed.

Now if I go back to the Unread group here in the Ribbon, you'll notice I have got the Mark as Read button. It's a drop-down, so when I click this I see a menu full of options here, including at the very bottom that check- mark that I see here next to Show Unread Changes in This Notebook, and that's on by default and that's why you're seeing these changes bolded and highlighted for you. So if you want to turn off this feature for any reason, just click here and that feature is no longer going to work for you. If you want it back, just go back to the drop-down, choose Show Unread Changes in this notebook. When you select it those changes will be visible.

Now in this case, we have seen all of the changes. So nothing is bolded or highlighted at this point. If someone were to make a change though, instantaneously, I am going to be able to locate that change thanks to the highlighting. So just imagine all the time you could save, if you needed to review changes to a notebook that were made by multiple authors.

Locating newly added content with highlighting
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Locating newly added content with highlighting provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Rivers as part of the OneNote 2010 New Features

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