Importing information with quick filing

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Importing information with quick filing

With the new Quick Filing functionality in OneNote 2010, you can import information into OneNote in a variety of different ways including sending content to OneNote from Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer. You can even print any document or file directly to your notebook using the OneNote print driver from another program. So let's use our Conference4 notebook here with the Speakers tab or section selected and the List of Speakers page being displayed. Notice there are subpages for each of the speakers. And let's say all of the bios for those speakers exist in other sources such as the Internet or another document for example.

We'll start with Internet Explorer. Let's go there. If you're following along, we're going to go to the web site and for authors we're going to select David Rivers. It takes us to the page where we see a short bio. So we'll select the name and the bio by clicking and dragging. And once it's all highlighted, just go anywhere inside the selected text and right-click your mouse and from the pop-up menu, we're going to choose Print just as if we're going to print it to our printer. But we're going to change it from our default printer here under Select Printer to Send to OneNote 2010.

There's the print driver that's installed automatically when we install the Office Suite 2010. We also want to make sure that it's just the selection that's going to be sent to OneNote. So we'll choose that under Page Range. And then we'll click Print. Now the next thing that happens, automatically you're switched over to OneNote 2010. You're at the page where you left off and now you have some options for choosing where you want to import the content to. Notice that there is a flashing cursor in the Search field here. We know we are going to the David Rivers page. So let's start typing David Rivers.

You can see automatically it takes us to a single page for David Rivers. We can select it and click OK. Automatically we're switched over to the David Rivers page and the content is copied or imported into our page just like that. Okay. What about if we've got the content in another source like a Word document? Let's leave the David Rivers page being displayed here and switch to Microsoft Word 2010 and open up a document called Bios. Here we have a couple of more bios including Karen Corey.

So we'll click and drag over her name and the entire bio. This time we'll go to Backstage View here in Word by clicking the File tab and choose Print. Again we need to change our printer. So we'll click the Printer drop- down and choose Send to OneNote 2010. We want to make sure it's just the selection, not the entire page. So under Settings where it says Print All Pages, we'll click there and choose Print Selection. Now we're ready to send it off. Click the Print button. And again we'll be switched over to OneNote.

Be careful you're at the page where you left off, in this case David Rivers. So we need to switch over to Karen Corey. Again we could use the Search field or if it happens to be a Recent Pick, it might be on the Resent Picks list or if you prefer, you can search manually by expanding the various sections in your notebooks, finding the Karen Corey page, clicking once to select it, and then clicking OK. You'll automatically be switched over to the Karen Corey page and the content is imported for you right there on the page just like that.

Let's try this one more time. We'll go back to Microsoft Word with the same document but this time select the Winston Barry bio. So clicking and dragging over all of that text. Go to Backstage View in Word. Again we'll choose Print. Luckily for us, we can save some time because the last printer we selected, which was the driver to Send to OneNote 2010, is still there as is the setting to print selection. All we have to do is click the Print button now. There's one more option you need to know about and it appears down below at the bottom of this dialog.

There's a checkbox with Always send printouts to the selected location, and this is customizable later. In other words you can disable this if you want to by going to the OneNote Options, but right now it's available to us right here. And if you've got a specific section or a page that you want to use for importing everything, this is a nice option. Then you can avoid this step of making your selection from a dialog-box. And then you can just disperse the content as you please by cutting and pasting it around your notebook.

But in our case we want to go to the Winston Barry page. So let's just start typing in Winston. It doesn't take much. There it is, Winston Barry. We'll select it and click OK. And there we go. We've got all of our content from different sources imported using Quick Filing.

Importing information with quick filing
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Importing information with quick filing provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Rivers as part of the OneNote 2010 New Features

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