OneNote 2010 Essential Training

with David Rivers
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OneNote 2010 Essential Training
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In OneNote 2010 Essential Training, instructor David Rivers demonstrates how OneNote can be used to take notes, organize thoughts, do research, and collaborate with others on projects. This course shows how to quickly add rich content to notebooks, format the content with OneNote's new formatting and styles capabilities, organize information to suit individual needs, and retrieve information effectively. It also shows how to take advantage of the robust OneNote 2010 sharing and collaboration features like Outlook integration, change highlighting and page versioning, wiki-style linking, and the OneNote web applications. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Adding content to notes, including screen clippings, images, audio, and video
  • Searching notebooks
  • Tagging notes
  • Organizing information in notebook sections
  • Working with Outlook events and tasks
  • Creating tables
  • Converting handwriting to typed text
  • Using templates
  • Printing notes and selections
  • Sharing and syncing notebooks


- [Voiceover] Hi and welcome to Microsoft OneNote 2010 Essential Training, I'm David Rivers. OneNote is known for giving you the ultimate place to store and share your information in a single, easy to access location. We'll begin with a tour of an existing notebook in OneNote 2010, browsing through the various sections, pages, and subpages to get you up and running and feeling comfortable with the types of content you can store in a OneNote notebook while exploring best practices for staying organized. With OneNote, you can share your notebook and simultaneously take and edit notes with other people, even access your notes from multiple computers.

Then it's on to the user interface, which receives a whole makeover to the new Ribbon, and a new docking feature that allows you to keep track of your notes and where they come from. We'll explore techniques for organizing a notebook and then it's on to adding content, which can be as simple as typing a note or as advanced as recording your own audio or video. Staying organized in OneNote 2010 is simple, so we'll explore features like Fast Search functionality, Wiki Linking and Quick Filing to help with importing information.

So with all these topics and so many more to cover, let's get started.

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