OmniGraffle 6 Essential Training

with Jason Osder
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OmniGraffle 6 Essential Training
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Translate your ideas into polished diagrams anyone can understand with OmniGraffle, the flexible diagramming application for the Mac. With this course, you'll be able to create org charts, space plans, wireframes, presentations, and much more. But first, learn the basics with author Jason Osder, as he demonstrates how to construct diagrams with shapes and lines, and save time with reusable graphics called stencils. Then dig into advanced topics such as drawing your own custom shapes with the Pen tool, adding logical section breaks in multipage diagrams, and notating hierarchies with the Outline sidebar. Last, find out how to print and export projects and take a look at the capabilities of OmniGraffle Pro, including tables and interactivity.

Topics include:
  • Create your first diagram
  • Getting around the interface
  • Working with shapes
  • Adding and modifying text
  • Create custom stencils
  • Replicating shapes and styles
  • Customizing the toolbar
  • Using templates
  • Adjusting units and scale
  • Import images and folder structures from Finder
  • Using Presentation mode


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Jason Osder. Welcome to OmniGraffle 6 Essential Training. OmniGraffle is a diagramming program that gives you a wide range of tools to present your ideas visually. We'll start by using objects like lines and shapes to create information-rich diagrams. I'll teach you how to use stencils, which are pre made sets of graphics, that will help you quickly make a wide range of diagrams. We'll learn to use canvases and layers to organize larger documents into understandable parts.

And we'll use the pen tool to make custom shapes. I'll even show you some highlights from the Pro version of the software. We'll be covering all of these features, plus lots of tips for using OmniGraffle in diverse practical situations. Now, let's get started with OmniGraffle 6 Essential Training.

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