OmniGraffle Professional 5 Essential Training

with Jason Osder
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OmniGraffle Professional 5 Essential Training
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In OmniGraffle Professional 5 Essential Training, Jason Osder shows how to go from idea to fully developed illustration with this powerful diagramming tool for the Mac. OmniGraffle is designed to handle everything from diagrams, process charts, and web site mockups, to page layouts, and even info-rich map graphics. Jason demonstrates how to organize this wide variety of documents using canvases and layers, and work with basic diagram elements such as shapes, lines, and text. He also shares timesaving techniques, such as using pre-made stencils, snapping for auto alignment, and auto layouts, so users can create documents quickly and efficiently. Advanced skills for the professional user are also introduced, including adding interactivity and developing custom shapes. Exercise files are included with this course.

Topics include:
  • Creating and manipulating shapes
  • Finding and adding stencils
  • Applying diagram styles
  • Importing content
  • Displaying diagrams in Presentation mode


(light music) - Hi, I'm Jason Osder and I'd like to welcome you to OmniGraffle Pro 5 essential training. OmniGraffle is a diagramming program and a great way to turn your ideas into pictures. In this course, I'll teach you to use canvases and layers to organize larger documents in to understandable parts. I'll show you how to use stencils, which are pre-made sets of graphics that help you quickly make a wide range of diagrams. And I'll show you how you how to use presentation mode to really show off your ideas.

I'll even explore advanced features, such as adding interactivity to your diagrams. If your new to OmniGraffle, I think you're really going to like it. If you're an old hand, I bet you'll find something new in this versatile program. So if you're ready to get going, let's jump right in to OmniGraffle Pro 5 essential training.

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