OmniGraffle 5: Creating Web Sitemaps and Wireframes

with Jason Osder
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OmniGraffle 5: Creating Web Sitemaps and Wireframes
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In OmniGraffle 5: Creating Web Sitemaps and Wireframes, Jason Osder explores OmniGraffle, the premier visual diagramming program on the Mac platform and a frequent choice for developing wireframes and sitemaps. This course covers using OmniGraffle's drawing and layout tools, information architecture best practices, and advanced techniques such as creating custom stencils and enhancing diagrams with interactivity. This course also includes sample take-home projects as well as stencil documents and templates to streamline future work. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Developing for interactive media
  • Using shapes and lines for information architecture
  • Working with text
  • Using and customizing stencils
  • Aligning, grouping, and locking objects
  • Using automatic layouts for sitemaps
  • Positioning content elements
  • Iterating wireframes based on feedback
  • Wireframing for mobile devices


- Hi, I'm Jason Osder, and I'd like to welcome you to OmniGraffle 5, Creating Web Sitemaps and Wireframes. This course covers how to use OmniGraffle to create two fundamental information architecture diagrams. First, I'll demonstrate using shapes, lines, and stencils to create informative site maps that show you the organization of content. Then we'll use these site maps to go to the next stage of the process, where we create wireframes to diagram the layout of individual pages.

Throughout, we'll explore valuable and time-saving tools inside the OmniGraffle interface. The payoff is a clear, economical process, where key stakeholders can get on the same page with the whole development team. If you're an experienced information architect, this course will help you make the most of OmniGraffle. If you're new to interactive development, but need to communicate your ideas effectively and efficiently, you're going to love this course. As a media producer and information architect, I'm excited to share with you techniques that have helped me build this successful career.

Now, let's jump in to OmniGraffle 5, Creating Web Sitemaps and Wireframes.

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