Outlook 2013 Essential Training

with Jess Stratton
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Outlook 2013 Essential Training
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Learn how to leverage the power of Microsoft Outlook to stay on top of all your important connections. In this course, author Jess Stratton introduces you to navigating your email messages, calendar, and contacts in Outlook 2013. The course begins with a tour of the interface and shows how to connect to a wide variety of mail, social media, and cloud computing accounts, including IMAP and POP accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even RSS feeds. Jess also shows how to quickly create, send, and read email and reduce your inbox clutter; organize, group, and share contacts; and stay on schedule with calendars and tasks.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the Ribbon
  • Adding an IMAP, Exchange, or POP account automatically
  • Connecting to iCloud or SkyDrive
  • Saving attachments
  • Searching mail
  • Flagging messages
  • Using mail rules to process messages
  • Replying to and forwarding a message
  • Adding signatures
  • Creating new contacts
  • Creating and responding to meeting invitations
  • Setting up advanced options
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(music playing) Hi! I'm Jess Stratton and welcome to Outlook 2013 Essential Training. In this course, I'm going to show you how to fully navigate your mail, calendar and contacts in Outlook. We will look at how to customize your client by connecting to other mail, social media and cloud accounts. We will also go over ways to quickly and efficiently read, organize and send your mail. Then we will cover ways you can mange your contacts inside of Outlook.

Finally, we will explore how to work with your calendar and tasks. We will cover all of these tools and techniques plus many more. Now let's begin with Outlook 2013.

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Q: Why is this course talking about SkyDrive cloud storage instead of OneDrive?
A: Microsoft renamed SkyDrive to OneDrive after the course was filmed, but happily, the features and functionality described in this course remain the same.
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