Office for Students

with Aaron Quigley
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Office for Students
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Microsoft Office isn't just for the workplace. It works great in the classroom too. Students can use it to produce better quality work and save time inside and outside of class—and maybe even impress their teachers along the way. Join author and educator Aaron Quigley as he teaches you the basics of using Office, whether you're a K–12 or college student. Learn how to create professional looking documents and presentations, use Excel to track lab results or loan payments, manage email with Outlook, and more. Aaron also shows how to use Office to manage important life skills, like budgeting and time management.

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Topics include:
  • Creating assignment templates
  • Tracking changes and adding notes
  • Creating bibliographies and citations
  • Presenting in PowerPoint with SlideShare
  • Using Excel to manage data
  • Keeping school and personal email organized in Outlook
  • Setting up a calendar
  • Using SkyDrive to back up papers and assignments
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- [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Aaron Quigley, and welcome to Office for Students. In this course, I'll be demonstrating for you some student-specific Office skills that can be used to create better quality work and save time, both in and out of the classroom. As an educator, I will also discuss what students can do to impress their teachers, and what I've seen from my own students as the best practices in creating visual projects and top-quality work. We will also look at a few tips and tricks in Office that students can use to manage their lives, including budgeting and time management. I hope you enjoy following along as we explore these tools.

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