Office for Educators

with Aaron Quigley
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Office for Educators
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Teachers, your time is valuable. Learn to reduce your workload, streamline grading and lesson planning, and share resources with students and other teachers with Microsoft Office. Aaron Quigley teaches you how to use Word's templates to create lessons and worksheets more efficiently, use Track Changes to digitally grade papers, build gradebooks in Excel, give presentations from PowerPoint, collaborate over SkyDrive, and connect using Outlook and SharePoint. These lessons are explored using sample lessons, homework, and tests like you'd find at a real-world school. And at the end of each section, Aaron invites you to test what you've learned in a video challenge.

Topics include:
  • Creating lesson plan templates
  • Creating worksheets with math equations, charts, and graphs
  • Grading papers
  • Creating a gradebook in Excel
  • Creating an animated presentation
  • Setting up a school email account in Outlook
  • Storing documents online with SkyDrive
  • Creating a class website with SharePoint
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(xylophone intro music) - [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Aaron Quigley, and welcome to Office for Educators. Throughout this course, we'll be exploring how to leverage Microsoft Office in order to help organize and save time in the classroom. We'll be creating and modifying instructional elements, and discussing teacher best practices for implementing these tools in your everyday lesson planning and content delivery. Throughout this course, we'll be exploring the Office applications and discussing best practices for integrating these tools into your classroom. Along the way, we will also test your learning with challenges where you can apply your skills.

I hope you enjoy this course and find it beneficial to assist in your everyday tasks, and ultimately helping your students succeed.

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