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Mastering the Navigation pane

Have you ever wished you could scan through your document visually or heading by heading? Now you can. The Navigation Pane is a dynamic tool you can use to browse your document by headings, thumbnails, and it also has a visual search. To turn it on, go up to the View tab and on the left-hand side of the ribbon you will see Navigation Pane. Put a checkmark in front of it and a pane opens up on the left-hand side. Now honestly I find this so useful that I leave it up all the time. There are three different tabs Browse by heading, Browse by pages, and Browse the results from your current search and we will take a look at all three.

Let's start with the first tab Browse the headings in your document. Headings refer to any content that has been formatted with the Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 Styles. If I go to the Home ribbon and look in my Styles gallery, I can see that this is Heading 1, my sub-sections are Heading 2. In the navigation Pane I can see that they are indented in a hierarchy. All my Heading 1s are on the left-hand side, all my Heading 2s are indented, and if I had Heading 3s and heading 4s they will be further indented.

If your document is very long and you do not want to have to scroll around a lot, you can use these little arrows on the left-hand side to expand and collapse the sections. So if I want to jump to the part of my document. I can simply use the Navigation Pane to quickly jump. I don't have to go scrolling around looking for it anymore. Now the Navigation Pane is even more powerful than that. Go down to Chapter 6 and I can see here that GROUP INSURANCE is supposed to have LIFE INSURANCE and BENEFITS TABLE right underneath them.

So I can use the Navigation Pane to actually change the formatting and change the section levels. If I right click on LIFE INSURANCE, I can Demote it and it becomes a Heading 3. And I will do the same thing to the BENEFITS TABLE. I will right click on it and click Demote. Now scroll up to the very top of the document and this Section right here THE STORY BEHIND TWO TREES EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is right now formatted as a Heading 2. So I could highlight it and then click on Heading 1 or I can just right-click on this and Promote it, and it will change all the formatting for me.

The Navigation Pane can also be used to rearrange your document. So for example, if I wanted to move my SECTION 7: EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS up above my PAY sections, normally you would have to highlight it and then Cut it and Paste it or drag it, but you can do that much easier by simply clicking on the SECTION and dragging it up to where you want it to go and let go. It immediately rearranges my document for me. Now I do notice that in this document my numbering is now off. In a later video I am going to show you how to renumber your sections automatically.

So now let's take a look at the second tool in the Navigation Pane. This button right here that says Browse the pages in your document. This shows you tiny previews of each page so that you can navigate by sight, simply by clicking around kind of like you would in a PDF. Now one of my favorite things about the Navigation Pane is the third tab which is the Search and it works in conjunction with the Search Document right here. In old versions of Word you had to open up a Find window and then type in which you were looking for and then click Find Next, Find Next, Find Next until you actually got there.

Now if I type in olive oil, two things happen. First, in my document it highlights every instance of that word and second in the Navigation Pane, it shows the instances with the context of the word. So I can easily find the one that I am looking for and just come then click on it and it will take me to that part of the document. So as you can see the Navigation Pane with visual searching, visual navigation, and the ability to browse and rearrange my headings, is a vast improvement over previous tools and will save you a lot of time navigating your document.

Mastering the Navigation pane
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Mastering the Navigation pane provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Alicia Katz Pollock as part of the Word 2010 Power Shortcuts

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