Replying and forwarding

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Replying and forwarding

Receiving emails that expand your worldview is one thing, but sharing them with others is what makes email practical. You can reply to an email to continue the conversation or forward it on to other people. Here's how. Click on one of the messages in your Inbox. To reply to the sender click on the Reply button up here on the toolbar. The original message will appear below this line with the email's header, showing who it was from, when you received it, which of your email addresses it went to, and the original subject. The insertion point will be blinking at the top waiting for you to type.

Type in your answer and then click Send. Now here's a useful tip. If you're only replying to part of the previous message, you can highlight it first. Then when you click Reply, instead of resending the entire message you will cut out all the irrelevant content, so the conversation can stay focused. Now after you have replied to the message, you will see a purple arrow to the left of the message matching the icon above and then in the message itself, there is a new gray bar with that same purple arrow, showing you when you replied to it and giving you a Show Reply button on the far right, that you can click to instantly find out exactly what you said.

I will close that reply. If you receive a message addressed to several people and you going to reply to it, you can choose to reply to just the sender or use this Reply To All button to send it to everybody, but choose wisely. Do all the people from the original email need to hear your response or just the sender? If everybody really needs your answer, click the Reply to All button and your message will be automatically addressed to everybody on the original emails list.

Now what if you don't want to reply to the sender, but instead you want to send that message to a third person. This is why email has become so popular. If someone sends me something interesting I may have a friend who would also be interested too. I can forward the email to them, click on the Forward button, and instead of being addressed the To field will be blank. You can then put new address in the To line, write an explanation at the top, and send it. Now out of etiquette, do think about whether your new recipient really would like to read that message. Most people get a lot of email and might not be interested in pictures of cats wearing hats.

Also be respectful of people's political and religious leanings. After you have forwarded message, you'll see a blue arrow to its left just like the icon and a gray bar at the top of the message showing when you forwarded it and as before allowing you to see the forward that you sent. Now here is another good etiquette tip. If you're forwarding an email that was originally sent to multiple people, highlight and delete the names off of the email message. That way you can help maintain people's privacy by not including their email addresses without their permission.

By using these tips your email conversations will be appreciated by your co-workers, friends and family.

Replying and forwarding
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Replying and forwarding provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Alicia Katz Pollock as part of the Outlook for Mac 2011 Essential Training

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