How To Print To Pdf In Word For Mac

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Printing to PDF

PDF or Portable Document Formatted files are specially formatted files that can be opened by Preview, Adobe Reader and other free applications. This file format preserves all the formatting of your document. Best of all, you don't need Microsoft Word to open and read a PDF file. That means you can share it with anyone. PDFs are widely used in place of printed documents. Why print a document and mail or fax it when you can e-mail a PDF? Then the recipient can decide whether they need to print it themselves.

Sending documents as PDFs saves time, money, and paper. Now it's easy to save a document file in Word as a PDF. Let's give it a try. Go to the File menu and choose Print or press Command+P and that'll open up the Print dialog. Down at the bottom here, there is a PDF menu and that's what we are concerned with. Display that menu and choose Save as PDF. A Save dialog like this one appears. If it's a smaller version of this dialog like this, you can expand it to show additional options for the directory.

We want to enter a name and choose a location for the file. So I want this file to go into the Chapter 21 folder actually, so I will just go over here and I'll give it the same name Marketing Report 19.pdf and if I am worried about security, I can click the Security Options button here. I can then use these checkboxes to indicate that I want the document to be password protected for opening, copying, and printing, or any combination of those things.

So if you turn on one of these things, for example, you want the document password protected so you have to enter a password to open it, you can turn on that checkbox and enter the same password twice, and we won't use all of these. We will just use the top one here. So I will put a password in this to test and I got to put the same thing in twice. Click OK and then you can click Save to save the document. Now let's see what that document looks like. I am just going to hide this for a moment, and here it is, right here. I am going to double-click it and what happens is because I put a password on this it's password protected.

So I need to type in a password, test, press Return, and it will open the document. Now in this example it opened up in Preview because that's the default PDF Reader on this computer. You might have Acrobat installed on your computer as a default reader. In that case it might look a little bit different when it opens because it will be opened in a different application but the contents of the document will remain the same. They will be formatted just the way you formatted them in Word. Now I want to show you one another way to do this. I've got my document open again. We will pull down the File menu and choose Print and there is an option down here called Preview.

If you click this button, Word will generate, on the fly, a preview of the document in PDF format, and it should look familiar because it opened up in the Preview application and it looks just like the one we have just looked at. I want to point out that although Word has created this document and it's displaying this document, it hasn't saved it anywhere. But if you decide that you want to keep this document, you can save it from within Preview. You just pull down the File menu, choose Save As, give it a name, give it a location and click Save, and that's another way to create and save a PDF from within Word.

PDFs are great for saving your Word document files in a format that can be opened and read by just about anyone, or secured as necessary against prying eyes. Why I use PDFs for is to distribute documents that I don't want the end recipient to change, for example, maybe invoices or contracts. As you can see, the Print dialog makes creating PDFs quick and easy to do.

Printing to PDF
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Printing to PDF provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Maria Langer as part of the Word for Mac 2011 Essential Training

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